CDHRVTA is a Non governmental Organization that is dedicated to the defense of human rights in Africa and also embarks on vocational training to empower the less privileged to make them self sufficient and productive.





More than 15 million children and their families in Yemen, Syria and Gaza set to face COVID-19
Countries: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen Source: Save the Children Fewer than 730 ventilators and 950 Intensive Care
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A Deadly Lack of Affordable COVID-19 Treatment in the US
Expand A woman waits outside the emergency check-in entrance at the Providence Medical Center in Portland, Ore., on March 24,
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COVID-19 Poses Extreme Threat to People Shackled in Nigeria
November 11, 2019Video People With Mental Health Conditions Chained and Abused in Nigeria Thousands of people with mental health conditions
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